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Synthetic DNA Spray

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Every year commercial properties are subject to many thousands of burglary, theft and illegal entry crimes, very often with no way to accurately link the crime to a specific group or individual.

Synthetic DNA is proven and highly effective way to solve this problem.

When an intruder triggers the movement sensor it activated a unit which sprays the intruder and, potentially the property being removed, with a uniquely-coded invisible DNA forensic solution. The invisible and harmless solution contains a UV tracer and DNA marker uniquely coded for each premises which can irrefutably link the criminal to the scene of the crime.

The harmless DNA solution is invisible to the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove from clothing, hair and skin. It cannot be transferred and remains on the criminal for many weeks.

Working in partnership with renowned industry specialists SeletaDNA, Clearway produced the first synthetic DNA security forensic marking system for vacant properties. The Clearway SelectaDNA spray dispenser works in tandem with the The Clearway Solo AlarmTM, which triggers the SelectaDNA spray immediately an intruder is detected. Multiple spray heads can be fitted above windows and doors, and triggered as a burglar enters the property.

93% of UK Police forces use DNA marking and regularly scan for traces of synthetic DNA spray. When found they are sent for forensic analysis and cross-checked against the Police and Insurance approved SelectaDNA database. The details of the code are also recorded so that a code later found on an asset or person can be identified and linked to an specific owner or location.

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