Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security

Printed Steel Screens

Vacant properties are a natural target for unwanted intruders and squatters and, whilst standard doors can be replaced by high security temporary steel doors, the windows are a vulnerable and obvious point of entry.

Steel screens are a necessary evil when a residential or commercial property needs protecting against illegal occupation from squatters, travelers and vandals. Nobody likes to see a disused, empty property as they can be unsightly when boarded-up and secured.

When it is necessary to secure a property, Clearway tries very hard to ensure the screens and doors installed are clean and undamaged, leaving the entire installation neat and tidy.

What’s the alternative?

Clearway is now able to offer bespoke printed steel screens to help the vacant property be a little more visually appealing and be more sympathetic to the surrounding area.

Here are some examples of what’s possible. These are the same steel screens but are wrapped in high quality printed vinyl. We have a vast range of images we can use or the design can be completely bespoke.

Speak to our sales team to find out what’s possible and how your vacant properties can be less of an eyesore and more of a visual feast.