Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security

Steel Screens

Vacant properties are a natural target for unwanted intruders and squatters and, whilst standard doors can be replaced by high security temporary steel doors, the windows are a vulnerable and obvious point of entry.

Wooden boarding at windows is cheap but ineffective as it is too easy to remove and may even provide fuel for would-be arson attacks.

The solution is purpose-built, pre-fabricated  temporary steel screens.

Clearway steel screens are each made from a single sheet of high-quality, zinc-coated, perforated steel that is folded to create a rigid box shape. They are fitted to the outside of the property completely covering each entire window and frame and, using tamper-proof bolts, screens are secured to an internal steel frame thereby causing little or no damage to the existing window frame. The steel screens are perforated to allow ventilation and some light through and are painted a neutral stone colour.


Features include:

  • Highly effective visual deterrent
  • High-level physical protection
  • Perforated to allow in light and ventilation
  • Will cause no, or very little, physical damage to existing glass or framework
  • Resistant to arson attack

Where prefabricated/folded steel screens are not suitable, we will use sheets of perforated steel sheet, hand-cut on-site to fit difficult shapes or openings. Wherever possible we will use only a single sheet of steel for each window or opening, not multiple smaller sheets riveted together.

Clearway’s temporary steel security screens are installed and removed by our teams of fitters and are regularly checked by our inspectors.

Clearway Steel Screens
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