Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security

A Sense Of Security gives you peace of mind

Sense Of Security
Key to the success of delivering a professional property security service is owning and conveying a Sense Of Security.

Achieving this requires balance between Technology, Presence and Expertise, resulting in a natural sweet-spot; the Sense of Security.

The three elements are:


Intruder Detection
Keyless Security


Security Guards
Rapid Response


Industry Knowledge
In-house Technology


Clearway - A Sense Of SecurityWith only Presence and Expertise, high demands are placed on the need for people to be physically present on-site. As client requirements grow this becomes impractical and difficult to manage.

With only Technology and Expertise, there is no visual deterrent and security breaches are more likely.

With only Technology and Presence, you may look good but having no industry expertise will compromise overall effectiveness particularly in challenging situations.

Clearway’s commitment to continuous innovation (Technology), our ability to provide personnel and high-visibility installations (Presence), and our combined 438 years’ industry knowledge (Expertise) demonstrates how capable we are of combining Technology, Presence and Expertise in equal measure to achieve a true Sense Of Security.