Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security

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Vacant land and property is vulnerable to a variety of threats including fly-tipping, squatters, theft of valuable metals, drug users and general vandalism.

There are many ways to protect vacant land and property using both physical protection (concrete barriers, steel doors and steel screens) and technology solutions (alarms and CCTV). However, the real challenge is in providing protection against unwanted intruders whilst allowing the smooth flow of legitimate personnel.

Clearway’s manned guarding service provides the physical presence of Security Guards to provide permanent, visible protection for your property or land. This service can be combined with physical barriers, steel doors & screens plus alarms and CCTV to offer the ultimate in protection for additional peace of mind. 

Security Guard dog handlingSecurity Guards can be used to protect vacant property or land, or to assist when the removal of unwanted persons poses a return threat. Guards also provide an ideal solution where regular but short-term protection is required such as overnight on construction or refurbishment sites.

All security guards used by Clearway are vetted, trained, experienced professionals and all hold the SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence. They wear distinctive uniforms and identification badges and will provide regular roaming inspections, control centre calls and a permanent, logged record of all activity. Mobile supervisors also make regular visits to provide backup and support.

Dog-handling security guards are also available for additional security and visual deterrent.

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