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For more than 20 years Clearway’s CCTV surveillance solutions have been instrumental in providing essential video footage of security breaches, burglaries, squatters, theft, anti-social behaviour and is frequently used as vital evidence in a prosecution.

We provide solutions for commercial, industrial, retail or residential sites, including vacant properties, pubs, shopping centres, car parks and construction sites.

CCTV installations offer more than a visual deterrent; they provide the first line of defence and real-time remote monitoring of any situation, internal or external, day or night. Video recording can be permanent or event-triggered and the footage stored remotely and used as evidence in a prosecution.

Our range of CCTV solutions is below, and more detailed information can be found in the CCTV section.

inView Mobile CCTV:

Our mobile CCTV unit is unique to Clearway. It can be mains powered or is fully self-sufficient and provides multiple fixed day/night cameras plus a high-spec pan/tilt/zoom camera fixed to a rapid-rise 6m mast with full remote-operation.

Clearway inView CCTV  Tower:

Where remote temporary CCTV monitoring is required for an external location such as a yard, construction site, car park, playing field etc., our CCTV Tower provides the ideal solution.

inView Video Verified:

The Clearway inView Video Verified system is a wireless, self-powered intruder alarm system with integrated video verification.

Temporary inView CCTV:

Many situations require remote visual monitoring, not only for protection against intrusion, theft and anti-social behaviour but also for normal activity and peace of mind.

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