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Undiscovered Deaths

Clearway Services Undiscovered Deaths
Undiscovered deaths are a tragic reality of modern life. Whilst they happen less frequently than before, they still happen and the unfortunate victim can lay undiscovered for days or weeks.

The eventual discovery of the body is incredibly distressing and is often as a result of the awful smell and/or infestation of flies and maggots found by neighbours.

Removing human remains is always extremely unpleasant, both physically and emotionally, particularly when in an advanced state of decomposition. The release of bodily fluids and the infestation it attracts creates a bio-hazard situation that must be dealt with by trained, licensed personnel.

For many years Clearway’s undiscovered death service has helped the Police and Local Authorities deal with these dreadful situations. We understand that a human tragedy of this nature must be handled efficiently and quickly but with dignity & respect.

Using a variety of techniques Clearway will deep clean the scene of the death and, if necessary, replace or restore elements of the building’s fabric to enable the property to be re-occupied, safe in the knowledge that full decontamination has taken place and that no trace of the tragic events that occurred in the past remain.

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