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Bio-hazard waste removal

Clearway Services Bio-Hazard Clean-Up
Clearway’s specialist bio-hazard teams are fully licensed by the Environment Agency, trained and experienced in the effective removal and disposal of biohazardous waste and to thoroughly clean and decontaminate the area leaving it clean, infection-free and safe.

A bio-hazard is any biological material that poses a potential threat to health or even life.

This could include human blood and other bodily fluids or tissues that contain blood, animal waste, carcasses and body parts or bedding material known to be infected, microbiological and pathological waste from laboratories, and sharps waste such as needles, glass slides and scalpels.

Since 1991 Clearway’s highly trained operatives have provided a specialist bio-hazard remove & clean service for domestic, commercial, Local Authority and Police services, the latter since 2009 as the official Metropolitan Police Crime Scene and Trauma clean-up partner. Clearway’s bio-hazard removal teams have been responsible for hundreds of blood clean-up and specialist sanitisation operations.

Low-level bio-hazards are those which pose a minimal threat to both humans and the environment which can be relatively easily dealt with. These would include e-coli, canine hepatitis and chicken pox.

The bio-hazards we are most familiar with as being dangerous in the UK are those which are highly infectious and can cause severe illness or death. They are frequently transmitted through direct contact with infected materials which includes Salmonella, HIV and Hepatitis B & C. It is these, in particular, which pose the greatest risk to our health and wellbeing as they are spread through poor hygiene and the irresponsible use of/discarding of drug-related paraphernalia often left by squatters.

Clearway’s bio-hazard removal and bio-hazard cleaning teams can respond urgently to any bio-hazard waste removal commission and will work quickly and efficiently to restore the site to a safe environment, liaising closely with the relevant agencies in the process.

The risk to health from bio-hazard waste is very serious and it is unwise to attempt any kind of removal without proper equipment and expert knowledge. Clearway can dispatch a professional, knowledgeable and experienced team of bio-hazard removal technicians at very short notice.

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