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Property Services

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Clearway Services Property Services
Clearway has been serving both the residential and business communities throughout the UK since 1991.

We provide a full range of professional property services, working with homeowners and landlords direct, as well as Local Authorities and some of the largest hotel groups & housing associations.

In 2009 Clearway first won the Metropolitan Police contract to provide crime scene and trauma clean-up services throughout Greater London.

Having successively won the contract we continue to provide this valuable service in some of the most difficult situations.

Our services to residential and business customers include:

  • Property clearance & waste/rubbish removal
  • Crime scene, trauma & undiscovered deaths clean-up
  • Invasive plant treatment/removal
  • Bio-hazard, sharps & drug-user waste removal
  • Deep-cleaning and decontamination
  • Pest control and fumigation
Step 1: Inspect

At no cost to you one of our inspectors will visit (you or your property) and will assess the extent of the problem to determine the best possible solution. We are qualified to carry-out inspections that meet insurance approval standards.

Step 2: Quote

Often the same-day, but always within one working day, we will provide a written quotation detailing the work to be carried-out, together with what you can expect from us, when we’re able to do the work and the total cost.

Step 3: Implement

The scale of the work required will determine the size of the team we need to send and this could be from one to twenty operatives. On the agreed date our operatives will arrive, carry-out any necessary preparation work and then proceed with the job in hand. Whatever the required outcome, once complete, the area will be left clean, tidy and safe.

Step 4: Support

Whatever question needs answering or situation needs resolving for a new, existing or previous piece of work, our internal and external teams are available to help you.

Step 5: Maintain

For many of our customers we provide an ongoing plan to maintain a secured property, or cleaned/cleared area for as long as is required. Where an insurance claim or protection is involved this is usually a prerequisite.