CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions

Clearway inView Mobile CCTV unit

Clearway Services InView CCTV Systems
The inView Mobile CCTV Unit is unique to Clearway. It can be mains powered or is fully self-sufficient and provides multiple fixed day/night cameras plus a high-spec pan/tilt/zoom camera fixed to a rapid-rise 6m mast with full remote-operation.

The inView mobile CCTV unit can be deployed and rapidly set-up to monitor vulnerable situations such as outdoor events or vacant property sites with or without a power supply. The vehicle’s striking design is highly visible and is extremely effective as a visual deterrent in its own right, so is ideal at outdoor events with large crowds and the risk of anti-social behaviour.

The mast-mounted dome camera has rapid-action, near-360 degree viewing angle and a high-power optical zoom lens.

Our CCTV solutions can include:
  • Features available

    Mains-powered or self-sufficient
    24 hour / 360 degree surveillance
    4 cameras with IR lights
    Audio challenge to intruders
    2-way voice and speakers & PA system
    Scheduled auto arms/disarms
    Alerts, picture or video clip upon activation
    Alarm notifications to email/sms
    Live streaming feed
    Remote control from desktop & app
    Powerful Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera
    Optical zoom
    Fixed/WiFi/Mobile connectivity/Ethernet
    Lone-worker options
    Monitored by client or by Clearway
    Live view dial-in with PTZ control
    Built in floodlights
    Vandal resistant keypad
    High level of public liability
    Hard wired options

  • Potential Benefits

    Excellent visual deterrent
    Can be set up anywhere
    Rapid deployment/setup
    Short-term (and long-term) hire
    Cost effective – unmanned
    Birds-eye view from 6m mast
    Suitable for smaller to large sites
    Mains/battery/solar powered
    Advanced warning of vandalism/intruders
    Insurance approved products
    Can be covert/discreet
    Portable and manoeuvrable
    Remote control: arm/disarm/guard tour
    Multiple access codes
    Whole-site video protection
    Automated intruder tracking

  • Sectors

    Vacant site/land
    Building sites
    Areas of high crime
    Pub companies
    Social Housing
    Large rural areas

  • Examples

    Vacant property
    Vacant land
    Open spaces
    Shopping Centres
    National grid
    Public events

CCTV footage from all vehicle-mounted cameras is stored locally to an onboard digital video recorder but also sent to cloud storage for safety. Video is also streamed in real-time and can be viewed remotely at a fixed location or via a mobile App. The mast-mounted PTZ camera is also fully controllable remotely and from within the mobile App.

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