14 men, 12 hours a day, 5 days, 8 floors up and 171 tons of earth

A block of flats, in south London, required immediate attention when water started leaking from the roof into a tenant’s property. Unusually the property had a roof garden, and when it rained water-laid in soil would sit above the flats and it started to leak through. The original plan was to move the plants and soil from one side to the other in order to find the leak. However, this would not stop if it were to happen again therefore the plan was changed to remove the whole garden. This would turn out to be a massive task. Cherry pickers and scaffolding were required to carry out the works. It took 14 men, 12 hours a day, 5 days, 8 floors up, to remove 171 tons of earth. The soil and vegetation was handled one bucket at a time, passed down a rubbish chute to the ground floor and then loaded on the trucks to be disposed of.

Not all donuts are good

Anti-social behaviour is a common problem for property managers and business owners and takes many forms including the after effects of joy-riders.

New full service brochure

We have now published our new full services brochure, available in printed format and as a downloadable PDF by clicking below:

Gideon Reichental features in RICS Property Journal

Many asset owners will already be aware of the devastating effects that vandalism and arson can have on a business as it is expensive and time-consuming to deal with these. Deterring such crimes is difficult, however, as most vandalism, including graffiti and arson, occurs at night and on weekends when sites or properties are vacant.

Data shows: Over 11,000 homes have been empty for at least 10 years

According to new research, by a Government organisation, more than 11,000 homes across the country have been lying empty for longer than a decade. This research also includes figures for both five years or more (23,000 empty properties) and again for two years or more (60,000 empty properties).

Clearway CCTV towers keep an eye on Amazon distribution centre

Amazon needed a high-tech deterrent to help prevent potential intrusion and anti-social behaviour in the public road used to access their distribution centre. Clearway’s solution was to install two CCTV towers with cameras facing the entrance and exit of the multi-story car park where anti-social behaviour is common.

One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty

A new report has revealed that there are almost 30,000 homes left empty in Cornwall. One in ten homes is left vacant, this is 11.2% of the housing stock in the county. This will alarm the thousands of people of who are on housing waiting lists in Cornwall.

300 million odour receptors can’t be wrong

A request for us to provide a drug-detection dog unit demonstrates how no two days are the same at Clearway. Our client, a college, requested the sniffer dog to scout-out both the site and pupils in search of illegal substances and, in a single six-hour session, the dog found 15 separate indications of drugs on site.

Clearway Newsletter and the rest of the world

Vacant properties are not confined only to the UK and the many problems associated with them are the same everywhere. Illegal occupation, vandalism, theft and willful damage occur everywhere the temptation of an empty property exists.

Clearway Supports Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy Shirley Park’s Long Lane campus have been appealing for supporters to help raise money for the nursery’s new play area. The old play area left the children bringing muck into the classroom constantly.

A sad case of being unable to cope

When a local authority tenant was found to be living in squalid conditions, Clearway was called-in at very short notice to clean an entire house from top to bottom.

Clearway Services on the map

Clearway HQ can now be seen from space

The Clearway brand has continued to evolve and is recognised as being reliable and trustworthy, with extremely high value placed on both quality and customer service.

Intruder invade Ocado’s depot in Dartford

Ocado’s £250million depot in Dartford, Kent, was invaded by more than a dozen caravans, helping themselves to showering facilities, towels, food and drink. Using a van, they pulled away a giant boulder that was blocking the warehouse entrance to gain access.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed removal – time to act.

Whilst the rumours that Japanese knotweed can grow through solid concrete foundations or break into underground water pipes are untrue, it is an extremely aggressive plant, growing at the rate of 1 meter every three weeks during its growing season.

Care Homes are continuing to close

The care home industry is in crisis. Since 2010, more than 380 have been declared insolvent and Care Homes continue to close at a steady rate. According to the Care Quality Commission, five hundred care homes have closed in the capital in the past decade. Almost 2,000 care homes in England have closed over the past 6 years, with providers claiming that this is due to the living wage and gap in funding for care.

Squatters take-over-guest-house

Squatters invade a vacant guest house

Terrace Guest House, a former hotel in Royal Terrace, Essex was taken-over by squatters whilst the building was being refurbished. They immediately put up signs within the property claiming they had the right to live there.

Clearway dontaes to Foal Farm

Clearway sponsors Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Foal Farm is a non-government funded animal sanctuary which rehomes many animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, sheep, pigs and chickens. As part of the main project to refurbish the kennels they redesigned the main dog run to provide a more stimulating environment.

When duty calls…

When an elderly pedestrian was struck by a speeding car at a sat of lights, one of our teams was quick to rush to his aid and provide assistance until the emergency services arrived.