Case Studies

Case Studies

Securing a large, high-profile vacant property

Clearway is finally able to secure a large property that has remained vacant for 10 years and been occupied by squatters multiple times.
Clearway Services Case study - securing a vacant property
Clearway Services Case study - securing a vacant property

The Challenge…

In 2012 the law changed, making it a criminal offence to squat in residential property. Whilst this was a positive move it increased the threat on vacant commercial properties leading to an increased need for greater security.

The Spotted Dog has been a high-profile property in east London since the 1650s and, since its closure in 2004, has been occupied by squatters on many occasions who left it in a sad state of damage and disrepair.

This large property was in desperate need of being fully secured to prevent any further intrusion

The Clearway Solution…

Following a site survey and risk assessment, Clearway cleared and cleaned the site, then secured all vulnerable openings with fitted steel panels and two high-security keyless Toreadoor steel doors to provide physical perimeter protection.

Internally Clearway installed its unique Solo Alarm and multiple PIR movement sensors, a system which is battery powered and configured to report all activity wirelessly via the mobile network.

Additional physical security against unwanted vehicle access is provided by the placement of concrete blocks across the entrance.

Finally, regular property inspections by Clearway’s SIA licensed security team ensure standards are maintained.

The Result…

The CCTV system captured an attempted break-in by squatters. The alarm activation and video footage immediately sent wirelessly to our monitoring centre resulted in the Police being called, attending and making arrests.

The property has since remained secure and free from squatters, illegal intrusion and the risk of further damage.

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