Case Studies

Case Studies

Evicting squatters from commercial premises

Clearway works with a property developer to help with the eviction of squatters plus subsequent clean-up and ongoing security.
Clearway Services Case Study - eviction
Clearway Services Case Study - evicting squatters

The Challenge…

Clearway received a call from a property developer who discovered their properties (a former office and warehouse) had been occupied by a group of squatters. As developers arrived on site they were greeted by several caravans and trucks and a large group of people who were already on site.

Access was restricted by a new padlock on the gate and the presence of several large dogs. A ‘Section 6’ notice had been attached to the gate explaining the occupiers’ rights.

The developer immediately contacted the police but was informed that, unless it could be determined that the intruders had gained access illegally, it was a civil matter. A call to their solicitor revealed it could take 6-8 weeks to re-acquire the site. Due process was followed and the squatters were subsequently notified of the eviction date.

In advance of the date of eviction. the client contacted Clearway to provide effective and smooth repossession of the site.

The Clearway Solution…

The site was covertly surveyed in advance to establish the opportunities for squatters to attempt obstruction on departure.

On the day of eviction, several caravans and a truck were towed off-site and, to prevent re-occupation by squatters, steel and concrete barriers were erected. Steel security screens and doors were also fitted to restrict access to the property and regular site inspections were set in place to check and maintain the integrity and security of the site.

Immediately following the eviction, Clearway deployed a specialist team to thoroughly clean and clear the site. This included the removal of several tonnes of waste left by the squatters which would have presented a significant risk to health & safety.

The Result…

The site remained vacant for several months and Clearway’s security and monitoring service prevented any further attempts at illegal occupation.

Clearway provided a highly effective solution through a range of services to aid eviction, cleaning, clearance and property security.

Having experienced Clearway’s professional services first-hand, the client has continued to engage Clearway to clean, clear and secure many other properties.

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