Three men caught on dash-cam fly-tipping

Three men were caught on camera dumping a fridge, an old ironing board and many other items on the side of a country lane. Ms Gordon, a lady who was driving along the country lane, was forced to stop because a van was blocking her way whilst three men had stopped to fly-tip. As she stopped the car, one man aggressively approached her demanding; “what do you want?” She replied; “What do you think you’re doing? It’s illegal dumping rubbish.“ Another man noticed her dash-cam and insisted she give it to him. “It’s fine, what’s that? Is that a camera? Give me your camera!” Ms Gordon reversed at speed to escape the men, one of whom jumped onto her car bonnet. She swerved, causing the man to fall off, and continued to reverse until the men were out of sight. On YouTube, where Ms Gordon posted the video, she wrote: “This happened a year ago. Only putting it online now it now because I was scared to upload it before.” Fly-tipping is a major issue across the country, with almost half a million incidents reported between 2016 and 2017. Fortunately, the above encounter is rare, but the lengths some people will go to in order to illegally dump rubbish is a growing concern.    

Clearway CCTV towers keep an eye on Amazon distribution centre

Amazon needed a high-tech deterrent to help prevent potential intrusion and anti-social behaviour in the public road used to access their distribution centre. Clearway’s solution was to install two CCTV towers with cameras facing the entrance and exit of the multi-story car park where anti-social behaviour is common.

One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty

A new report has revealed that there are almost 30,000 homes left empty in Cornwall. One in ten homes is left vacant, this is 11.2% of the housing stock in the county. This will alarm the thousands of people of who are on housing waiting lists in Cornwall.

Another deep clean and another glowing testimonial

Living alone and with mental health issues, it’s no wonder this tenant’s living conditions were left to deteriorate. The tenant who has lived in the property for 2 years suffers with a lighter fuel addiction which results in temporary loss-of body control and functions. As a result, the property was covered in rubbish, food, faeces and urine. After two local cleaning companies turned-down the job, the local authority called-in Clearway Services. Due to the resident’s addiction there were multiple lighter fluid cans scattered inside the flat and a 2ft stack next to the bed. There were also sharps around the property. Clearway’s environmental team transformed the property back to a safe environment, removing bio-hazardous and human waste and extreme deep cleaning. Our environmental teams are frequently recognised for their hard work, caring nature and unwavering commitment. When this job was completed our client responded with a glowing testimonial:   “Thank you very much for an absolutely superb job. The team were amazing! They dealt with the tenant with the utmost respect and courtesy and the flat has been transformed. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs them.”