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We know
Vacant Property Security,
Temporary CCTV
Alarm Response Monitoring
better than anyone


Clearway’s unique, keyless, steel security doors remain the only Police and insurance company appproved steel doors on the market.

Clearway steel screens are each made from a single sheet of high-quality, zinc-coated, perforated steel, and are fitted to the outside of the property causing little or no damage to existing frame.

Concrete Barriers provide a temporary or permanent physical barrier as demarcation or to prevent unauthorised access.

Clearway’s CCTV surveillance solutions have been instrumental in providing essential video footage of security breaches, burglaries, squatters, theft, anti-social behaviour and is frequently used as vital evidence in a prosecution.

The Clearway Solo Alarm is a fully self-contained, portable alarm system that can be fitted, commissioned, verified and working to protect your property within 20 minutes.

Clearway’s Property and Risk Management Inspectors use internet-connected tablet devices to carry-out a 139 point check in real-time, including photographic evidence if required.

Clearway’s manned guarding service provides the physical presence of security guards to provide permanent, visible protection for your property or land.


Licensed by the Environment Agency, Clearway has been clearing waste and rubbish from domestic and commercial sites and properties since 1991 and are highly respected in the industry.

Clearway’s extreme cleaning service includes bin rooms, rubbish chutes, graffiti removal, pest control. sewage overflows, bird fouling and fumigation, plus crime-scene and trauma clean-ups.

Clearway provides a licensed sharps collection and disposal service through in-house experienced operatives trained in the safe, effective removal and disposal of biohazardous waste.

Clearway’s bio-hazard removal and bio-hazard cleaning teams can respond urgently to any bio-hazard waste removal commission and will work quickly and efficiently to restore the site to a safe environment, liaising closely with the relevant agencies in the process.

Clearway’s crime scene and trauma teams are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and trained to secure crime scenes and clean-up of blood, bodily fluids and tissue remnants, fingerprint dust removal and other bio-hazards.

Our teams are registered with the Environment Agency and are trained to treat/removal a broad range of pests (cockroaches, maggots, pigeons, rats etc.) and invasive plant infestations such as Japanese Knotweed.

Clearway’s undiscovered death service helps the Police and Local Authorities deal with these dreadful situations. We understand that a human tragedy of this nature must be handled efficiently and quickly but with dignity & respect.


Clearway’s professional CCTV solutions are perfect for vacant property and vacant sites. These can be tailored to suit your specific requirements on pretty-much any scale from a single camera, where mains electricity is available, to a remote construction site requiring multiple cameras and sensors where no fixed power is available.

Clearway’s temporary CCTV solutions are tailor-made so each system will be designed around the requirements of the property or other location.

Clearway’s unique CCTV Tower provides the ideal solution where remote temporary CCTV monitoring is required for an external location such as a yard, construction site, car park, playing field.

The Clearway mobile CCTV unit is completely self-sufficient and can be deployed and rapidly set-up to monitor vulnerable situations such as outdoor events or vacant property sites where no power supply is available.

The Clearway Video Alarm is a wireless, self-powered intruder alarm system with integrated video verification.


Clearway provides a market leading range of products and services to protect your vacant property and vacant sites.

Clearway works closely with Insolvency Practitioners and their insurers to provide a full drain-down, clearance (including toxic/bio-hazard waste) and secure & protect service.

Clearway’s rapid property security measures ensure pubs are quickly secured and protected as soon as they become vacant and whilst the site is refurbished, awaits a tenant or is sold.

Clearway’s high-tech, mobile, remote-monitored CCTV system is the perfect way to safeguard any construction site, day or night.

We work closely with the retail sector to provide 100% secure solutions that are cost-effective, commercially acceptable and sympathetic to the local area.

Clearway has developed strong relationships with many Housing Associations over the years  providing waste clearance, deep-cleaning and many other services.

Clearway has been the official Metropolitan Police crime scene and trauma clean-up partner since 2009 to provide crime scene, trauma and accident clean-up plus bio-hazard removal.

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We know Vacant Property Security,
Temporary CCTV 
and Alarm Response Monitoring
better than anyone

We have a reputation for speed of response and quality of service, working for some of the largest property managing agents, pub companies, social housing and public sector organisations in the UK.

We work to very high standards, putting people and their needs first, supporting our clients in dealing with squatters, evictions, property clearance and property inspections with a full range of property services and products that are ‘Secured By Design’ accredited, and approved by both Insurance companies and the Metropolitan Police.

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